Organs 1898-1914

This time period marks the beginning of the end of organ production by the Packard Company. In 1899, the company name had changed from The Fort Wayne Organ Company to The Packard Company. Also, the emphasis began to be placed on piano production. Within a very few years, almost the entire advertising emphasis by the company was focused on the piano part of the business.

While they continued to sell a number of quality organs, apparently greater profits were to be made in the sale of pianos. The piano catalogs of this period are quite extensive in their descriptions of their product and varied with each edition. This is unlike the organ catalog production, which varied very little for a period of over 20 years except in the cuts of models available. The descriptive pages were almost virtually unchanged.

Organ production ceased by the end of 1914, and the company name was changed from The Packard Company to The Packard Piano Company, ushering in a new year and a new era in 1915.

Because models varied only slightly during this time period, no attempt has been made to place them in chronological order. Any organ that has the company name on the stop board and/or warranty certificate--The Packard Company--would have been manufactured during this time period. All earlier organs before 1899 state the company name as The Fort Wayne Organ Company.