Determining Value

Determining the value of an organ is a very difficult task indeed. I have seen extraordinarily beautiful organs in excellent condition fail to sell and the owners simply gave them away. I have also seen organs that I would not bother to bring home sell for several hundreds of dollars.

In general, however, organs are much more plentiful and their availability far exceeds any demand for them. The result is that the price of organs is very much controlled by supply and demand. Occasionally an unusually nice organ that someone just falls in love with and has to have may demand a premium price. But for the typical person who might be in the market for a pump organ, there are many fine examples available at little or no cost.

Having watched eBay for a number of years--and checked Craigslist in recent months--I see organs priced all the way from $25 into the thousands. However, it is rare indeed that an organ sells!

I believe Packard made a better quality organ than many of the examples of other makes still in existence today. Certainly during the Victorian Age production, they made elaborate cases that were far above the average. These organs will tend to have a better chance of selling if in good condition.

As for myself, because I am focusing on Packard, there are a few models that I am interested in locating, but typically what I would be willing to offer is not what a person probably thinks theirs is worth.

The sad truth is that organs are just a very difficult sell. I wish this were not the case as I think the workmanship in many instances is extraordinary and certainly these instruments are an important part of our heritage that is well worth preserving.

For additional information on points to consider when determining the value of an organ, I would highly recommend that the reader visit the Reed Organ Society Website and click on the "Value" tab.